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The iNARTE EMC Design Engineer Certification Program is applicable to professional engineers practicing in EMC fields whose main responsibility is designing electronic circuits, components, sub systems and equipment to ensure EMC compliance.  It was developed between iNARTE and KEC, Japan, in equal partnership.  There are two levels of certification available depending upon experience:  EMC Design Engineer and Senior EMC Design Engineer.


The EMC Design Engineer level is intended for new or recent graduates who are entering industry with a view to building a career in electronics design and have the knowledge to apply EMC principles to design for compliance.


The Senior EMC Design Engineer level is intended as an upgrade for EMC Design Engineers who have held that initial credential for at least three years.  However, Exemplar Global iNARTE certification will accept applications for certification as a Senior EMC Design Engineer from practitioners who have at least 4 years practical work experience following their postsecondary education to degree level.

Exam Preparation:

There is one part, four hours duration.  All questions are multiple choice.​

The exam is 50 questions and all should be attempted.

The exam is CLOSED BOOK, only a self-made 1 cm thick notebook and a scientific calculator are allowed.  No reference books, publications or laptop computers are allowed.

Two new original questions submitted before the exam can count as two examination credits.

The pass mark is 70% average. Retake is possible after 90 days. There will be no credit for past exam scores.

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