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Highly Recommended

US Naval Air Systems Command

I am a firm believer in iNARTE and will continue to make it policy for government and contractor personnel who work for NAVAIR to be iNARTE Certified.


Having an iNARTE Certified employee on staff at ASI has added substantial credibility to ASI’s name

LBA Group

I have worked with employees who were certified and those who were not.  Almost without exception, those who are certified can do what their resume advertises–and do it well.  Resumes backed by certification are a proof of a performance track record.

EMC Tempest Nuclear

In reviewing resumes, I find the iNARTE certification as a very positive indicator of the candidate’s skill level.

Trace Laboratories

Over the next few years, I will be hiring a number of EMC engineers and technicians, and will make iNARTE certification a prerequisite.

Globetrotter Services

iNARTE Certification may not be a panacea, but is a giant leap in the right direction.  If all other qualifications are equal on paper, I’ll hire the certified individual every time.

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